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Your jars are great. These amps will improve them.


You wouldn’t anticipate that earphones will require any unique gear to work. They are just about as basic as sound gear gets. You connect them to, turn your gadget on, and music comes through. In any case, consider the possibility that you would prefer just not to listen to your music. Imagine a scenario in which you genuinely need to hear it. You’ll require something to build the level of flag that achieves your ears: a great earphone amp. These little gadgets will drive the flag from your music player and increment both its volume and detail. The uplifting news is that you don’t need to spend enormous to get one; whatever you’re searching for, we can offer assistance.

How We Choose

Our Picks

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How We Choose

The universe of earphone amps can get amazingly profound and specialized, extraordinarily quick. We were simply searching for the most recent carport fabricated, Russian-tube-driven audiophile ponder that would charm the eggheads and distance every other person. We needed models that were easy to use, as well as which recognized that there were individuals out there who won’t not know the contrast between a NOS 12ATC7 tube and a 6NT3 one. We took a gander at sound quality, usability, esteem for cash, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, and additionally doing broad testing. We ought to state that numerous items on this rundown are moderately costly, yet that is only the way of the brute. Also, as you’ll see, we’ve included choices for any financial plan, all of which will significantly enhance your sound.

Our Headphone Amp Picks

1. SPL Phonitor 2 ($1999)

SPL Phonitor 2

Weight: 9.5lbs

Measurements: 21.1″ x 15.2″ x 7.1″


Impedance: 0.18ω

Watts Per Channel: 2.7/32ω

What We Like: Sound quality, level of control

What We Don’t: Size is significant

Best For: Semi-Pros

At the top scope of earphones amps, you have organizations like Sound Performance Lab. Their items are normally seen in expert situations, however the Phonitor 2 is an endeavor to make something for non-experts who need marvelous sound. Furthermore, it is remarkable. The clamor level is greatly low, with fresh, exact bass and easy execution in the upper frequencies. You get precisely what you pay for here, even at this high value point. Outline savvy, this earphone amp is simply marvelous — you get an immense measure of control, including Crossfeed and Speaker Angle handles, and the plan is profound and thick (it would appear that an exemplary blending console). The general accord was that it was a huge change over the officially quite extraordinary unique Phonitor, and it won many honors when it turned out. Our take? Shy of burning through five figures on an amp, which is past the scope of everything except a couple, this is the absolute best one you can purchase, even some time after discharge.

See the SPL Phonitor 2

2. Direct Tube Audio MZ2-S ($1845)


Weight: 8.94lbs

Measurements: 9.5″ x 4.75″ x 7.8″


Impedance: 2ω

Watts Per Channel: 1/4ω

What We Like: Glorious sound

What We Don’t: Power switch is irritating

Best For: Gear-heads

How We Find the Best Headphone Amp

At the point when Linear Tube Audio sent us an upgraded adaptation of their effectively all around looked into MicroZOTL 2.0, we were extremely energized. As our audit appears, it satisfied the buildup. Significantly. In spite of the fact that it is imperfect, to be specific a power catch that is to some degree irritating to utilize, the stars immeasurably exceed the cons. The outer power supply keeps the commotion low, and the straightforward setup and four tubes keep things intriguing. The sound is as rich, profound, and dim as a boeuf bourguinon, with a separating and stereo field that you completely need to listen. At this value, it’s a toy for those with profound pockets just, particularly since you’ll need to spend for a different DAC. In any case, no amp more than this one has driven home sound can be grand.

See the Linear Tube Audio MZ2-S

Charm Audio WA7 (Photo: Mitchel Jones, Flickr)

Charm Audio WA7 | Mitchel

3. Charm Audio WA7 ($999)

Weight: 8.1lbs

Measurements: 5.1″ x 4.8″ x 4.8″

DAC: Yes

Impedance: 8ω

Watts Per Channel: 1/32ω

What We Like: Incredible looks, similarly mind blowing sound

What We Don’t: Maybe a touch an expensive

Best For: Treating yourself

Best Headphone Amp for Under 500

In the event that we construct this gathering absolutely with respect to looks alone, the second era Woo Audio WA7 would win easily. It’s stunning. With its glass lodging and sparkling tubes, it’s not really shocking that this model is nicknamed ‘Fireflies’. It packs a powerhouse of elements, as well, including a full DAC and exceptionally supportive USB input. The innards are based around a Class A framework, which is known for minimizing twisting and commotion, a reality that is aided along by an outer power supply. Furthermore, the sound? All things considered, what do you think? It’s huge, profound, and capable, lifting the sound without unduly shading it. Just awesome, despite the fact that it’s a touch costly for what you get.

See the Woo Audio WA7

Schiit Mjolnir 2 (Photo: Schiit)

Schiit Mjolnir 2 | Schiit Audio

4. Schiit Mjolnir 2 ($849)

Weight: 13lbs

Measurements: 16″ x 8.75″ x 2.25″


Impedance: 1ω

Watts Per Channel: 8/32ω

What We Like: Raw power, profoundly customisable

What We Don’t: Utilitarian looks

Best For: When you require an amp that will truly take care of business

We cherish Schiit. Not on account of they make the absolute most mind boggling items in the whole sound world, but since they have such an incredible brand. The greater part of their items are named after Norse mythology, and in spite of the fact that we could have picked the considerably more effective Ragnarok, we felt like the Mjolnir was more qualified to earphones. Uncommonly, it’s a cross breed, which means you can switch between utilizing strong state hardware and tubes, and even get into the dim specialties of tube moving (read: changing out various tubes) on the off chance that you need to go there. The sound is radiant, with bass like moving thunder. You basically can’t turn out badly with one of these. As a reward, the organization gives some really supportive aides on its site to beginning with all components of intensifiers.

Best Solid State Amp

See the Schiit Mjolnir 2

5. Audeze Deckard ($699)

Audeze Deckard

Weight: 4.3lbs

Measurements: 16 x 8.75 x 2.25″

DAC: Yes

Impedance: 3ω

Watts Per Channel: 4/20ω

What We Like: Great looks, executioner DAC, adaptability

What We Don’t: Not a great deal!

Best For: When you require a preamp, or a holding nothing back one framework

Best Acoustic Guitar Amp

Audeze make some extremely a la mode earphones, yet what you won’t not know is that they fiddle with speakers as well. The Deckard (in the event that you don’t get the reference, then let us Google that for you) is a piece of smooth brushed metal that joins countless. Not just would you be able to utilize it as a normal amp, yet you can likewise utilize it as a preamp, with a clever switch on the front to help you do only that. Sound is strong, helped along by incredible implicit DAC. It doesn’t have the glow of tubes, however that doesn’t stop it being dead-on exact, ready to give any sound a noteworthy facelift. You ought to utilize it with Audeze jars for best outcomes, clearly, yet there are bounty others to look over that will work similarly also.

See the Audeze Deckard

6. JDS Labs The Element ($349)

JDS Labs The Element

Weight: 1.13bs

Measurements: 5.8″ x 5.8″ x 6.1″

DAC: Yes

Impedance: 0.1ω

Watts Per Channel: 1.1/32ω

What We Like: Small size, enormous power

What We Don’t: Sound could be a little piece better?

Best For: Desktop clients

JDS Labs awed with their Objective model, and this is a noteworthy overhaul. It packs an amp and a DAC into a very much outlined lodging, with the huge volume handle on top that reviews proficient sound interfaces that recording performers utilize, similar to the Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 or the Apogee Duet. It has a major, in-your-face, punchy sound, conveying volume as well as a fabulous clarity. Despite the fact that it’s not the most completely highlighted of the models on this rundown, regardless it figures out how to inspire by conveying incredible sound and a nice cost, and for its usefulness which incorporates USB network.

See JDS Labs The Element

7. OPPO HA-2 ($430)


Weight: 6.2oz

Measurements: 5.4″ x 2.7″ x 0.5″

DAC: Yes

Impedance: 0.5ω

Watts Per Channel: 0.2/32ω

What We Like: Portability, sound

What We Don’t: Nasty cowhide cover

Best For: Desktop clients

One more in the mid-run classification, which has truly topped off with models over the recent years. It’s the OPPO HA-2, a thin, compact model with some confounding outline decisions (the outside is wrapped in calfskin, similar to a cover you can’t open, and in case we’re straightforward, it looks somewhat shoddy and terrible). With a Class AB amp and a Saber DAC, it is very brave sound, which compensates for it. We cherished the profundity of the bass, and the detail when the music got especially perplexing. On the off chance that you aren’t exactly prepared for the top of the line stuff, yet at the same time need a brilliant amp that remaining parts versatile, we emphatically suggest the HA-2. It’s additionally simply gotten an overhaul, the HA2-SE, which will be accessible soon (and apparently supplanting this model on the rundown)

See the OPPO HA-2

8. AudioQuest Dragonfly Red ($199)

AudioQuest – DragonFly Red

Weight: 2oz

Measurements: 2.4″ x 0.75″ x 0.5″

DAC: Yes

Impedance: Unknown

Watts Per Channel: Unknown

What We Like: Tiny size, incredible sound

What We Don’t: Not super effective

Best For: Laptop clients

Another incredible amp: The AudioQuest Dragonfly Red. The first Dragonly, from 2012, was an extraordinary minimal number, and the Red enhances it all around. The plan is for all intents and purposes unaltered, however there are two noteworthy contrasts: the value, which times in at a still-exceptionally sensible $200, and the sound quality. For a small little USB amp, the Red is simply epic. The sound is incredibly perfect, with a level of detail that you’d anticipate from amps with a

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