Putting Babies to Sleep: The Role of Lullabies

how to put a baby to sleep

Among the many problems that most new parents face is putting a baby to sleep. There will really be times when the baby has a rough time going to sleep—and basically, this would mean that the baby would probably be crying nonstop. There could be several reasons as to why a baby cannot peacefully go to sleep as quickly as you want them to; fortunately, there are many tricks in how to make it easier for the parents. One of the most effective way of actually putting a baby to sleep is by playing a soothing lullaby.

How do lullabies help?

Music has always been known to help people be energized or to relax. This is the same for babies; music still plays an important role in putting them into a state of relaxation through lullabies.

This is not something new in the world of babies—in movies, books and in real life, this technique has always been proven to work. But why is this so? Research has it that lullabies gives a soothing sense to an infant’s physiology. Lullabies infuse with the consciousness of the babies. When it comes to baby music, its rhythm sways close to its heartbeat and the repetition of the melody seems to comfort the baby.  That being sound, the soothing sounds of the lullaby will put the baby in a more relaxed state and eventually, help the baby fall into the sleeping zone.

New studies have also found that in many ways, music helps drive the fear and anxiety away of people, in general, both babies and adults.

Indeed, the role of music is truly magical in this world.

how to take care of a baby

Other tips

Aside from leaving the baby in a crib while pleasant lullabies are being played, there are also other ways to help put a baby to sleep. Some of these are the following:

  • When babies are rocked in a cradle, it has the same effect as listening to lullabies as well. It’s safe to say that the famous Rock-A-Bye-Baby baby truly proves its lyrics. What’s great is that while rocking the cradle, playing a soothing lullaby, at the same time, would also be possible.
  • Being strapped close to their mother or father while they work around the house also has its effect on putting the baby to sleep. However, you must make sure the baby is strapped comfortably so as to make it easier for them to doze off. If you want to check out some safe and comfortable baby carriers, you may want to read about the best Infantino baby carrier reviews just so you will have an idea of what to look for.
  • With the rise of technology, there have also been many technological applications that can be downloaded in smartphones, tablets and laptops that would help in putting babies to sleep. Some of these helpful apps are Baby Snooze, Baby Shusher, Sleepy Sounds, Sleepy Kids, Goodnight Safari, etc. Most of these apps use a combination of soft lullabies, relaxing nature sounds and even hypnotic stories.

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