Putting Babies to Sleep: The Role of Lullabies

how to put a baby to sleep

Among the many problems that most new parents face is putting a baby to sleep. There will really be times when the baby has a rough time going to sleep—and basically, this would mean that the baby would probably be crying nonstop. There could be several reasons as to why a baby cannot peacefully go to sleep as quickly as you want them to; fortunately, there are many tricks in how to make it easier for the parents. One of the most effective way of actually putting a baby to sleep is by playing a soothing lullaby.

How do lullabies help?

Music has always been known to help people be energized or to relax. This is the same for babies; music still plays an important role in putting them into a state of relaxation through lullabies.

This is not something new in the world of babies—in movies, books and in real life, this technique has always been proven to work. But why is this so? Research has it that lullabies gives a soothing sense to an infant’s physiology. Lullabies infuse with the consciousness of the babies. When it comes to baby music, its rhythm sways close to its heartbeat and the repetition of the melody seems to comfort the baby.  That being sound, the soothing sounds of the lullaby will put the baby in a more relaxed state and eventually, help the baby fall into the sleeping zone.

New studies have also found that in many ways, music helps drive the fear and anxiety away of people, in general, both babies and adults.

Indeed, the role of music is truly magical in this world.

how to take care of a baby

Other tips

Aside from leaving the baby in a crib while pleasant lullabies are being played, there are also other ways to help put a baby to sleep. Some of these are the following:

  • When babies are rocked in a cradle, it has the same effect as listening to lullabies as well. It’s safe to say that the famous Rock-A-Bye-Baby baby truly proves its lyrics. What’s great is that while rocking the cradle, playing a soothing lullaby, at the same time, would also be possible.
  • Being strapped close to their mother or father while they work around the house also has its effect on putting the baby to sleep. However, you must make sure the baby is strapped comfortably so as to make it easier for them to doze off. If you want to check out some safe and comfortable baby carriers, you may want to read about the best Infantino baby carrier reviews just so you will have an idea of what to look for.
  • With the rise of technology, there have also been many technological applications that can be downloaded in smartphones, tablets and laptops that would help in putting babies to sleep. Some of these helpful apps are Baby Snooze, Baby Shusher, Sleepy Sounds, Sleepy Kids, Goodnight Safari, etc. Most of these apps use a combination of soft lullabies, relaxing nature sounds and even hypnotic stories.

Ideas for Miami Water Activities

activities in miami

Miami’s blue waters have long been an amazing getaway idea of tourists all over the world. With its beautiful man-made beaches, Miami has catered to foreign tourists and even celebrities coming from different parts of the world.

What’s great is that Miami offers so much exciting activities to do for those who are on vacation. From shopping, dining to boating and snorkeling, a wide range of activities are available. Of course, as previously mentioned, Miami is most notable when it comes to its waters. With that said, different water activities are available in the beaches and shores of this city.

The following are some of the water activities you may want to experience:


Whether you are into fishing for fun, sport or simply, food, Miami is a great place to go for fishing charters. You can opt to go deep sea fishing or fishing from land. Newport Fishing Pier, South Pointe Park Pier and Oleta River State Park are some of the well-known land fishing spots in Miami.

As for fishing charters, this is good for those who want to try a personalized fishing experience or those who want to experience serious fishing activities. Others may even throw in a fishing party in Miami fishing charters.

Boating and Yachting

Boating, yachting and sailing are also some of the best activities that Miami beaches offer. A great boating is experience is having your own boat to maneuver in the beaches of Miami. Hiring charter boats and yachts in Miami is quite easy to do; however, you will have to make sure the charter company is trusted.

Besides throwing boating parties, sailing in Miami is also a fun option. Watching the sunset while sailing is a very exciting activity you can plan out with friends and family. Of course, Port Miami is well known for many Caribbean cruises.

boating and fishing in miami

In addition, you can also do boat tours in Miami. Sightseeing and viewing wonderful islands and beaches are always a fun getaway.

Diving and Snorkeling

Diving and snorkeling are some activities that will never be missed when we deal with beautiful beaches. Being able to witness the ocean floor, corals and natural reefs, shells and marine creatures is just a lovely adventure that anyone would want to experience at least once in their lives. Luckily, Miami offers these activities in abundance. Some places that offer diving and snorkeling activities are Diver’s Paradise, Grove Scuba and Biscayne National Park.

Moreover, if you are not confident with going for a dive and/or snorkeling, that is not something to worry about because there are lessons and guides that these places offer first-timers and those who need some refresher tips. They will always ensure a safe and fun experience.

Canoeing and Kayaking

A unique and exciting activity is also going for a canoe or kayak in the waters of Miami. Grabbing the paddle and exploring the water during sunset is definitely something to look forward. Groups of friends will have so much fun experiencing this Miami. Blackpoint Marina, Virginia Key, Crandon Park and South Beach Kayak are some of the reliable destinations that allow kayaking and canoeing.


Are the Apple EarBuds the Beginning of a New Industry?

Headphones, the ideal companions for spontaneous phone listening have gone from wired to wireless, and from freebies to having their own price tags. Earbuds hang on the outer part of the user’s ear, making them a dependable fit, super portable and convenient. Most earbuds deliver pretty dismal sound and need to be charged, since they are wireless.

Apple Inc. released in September a new breed of earbuds called AirPods, a pair of innovative wireless headphones that make use of the company’s advanced technology to reinvent the wireless experience. It changes how people make phone calls, listen to music, watch movies, play games and interact with digital assistant Siri not possible before.

Just flip opening the lid of its charging case plus a tap instantly set up the gadget and make it ready to work with all the iCloud-signed devices like the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Mac. The revolutionary experience is courtesy of Apple’s ultra-low power W1 chip, which delivers industry-leading battery life and high-quality audio in a wireless design for an effortless listening experience.

“AirPods are the first headphones to deliver a breakthrough wireless audio experience,” Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing Philip Schiller said through a press release of the company. “AirPods are simple and magical to use, with no switches or buttons, automatically connecting to all your Apple devices simply and seamlessly.”

Opening the carrying case for the AirPods will pair them with a device. For example, if the iPhone is near, the user will receive a notification if he wants to pair the two. Once the earbuds are paired with the iPhone, they will automatically pair with Mac and Apple Watch that run the latest software, macOS Sierra and watchOS 3. There is no need to set up or install anything.


When put in the ears, the ready-to-use AirPods can intelligently and seamlessly switch from a call on the Phone to listening to music on the Apple Watch. A double tap on the AirPods activates Siri to perform tasks like selecting and controlling music, adjust volume and check battery life.

When the user opts not to use Siri, the alternative is to double-tap, or simply pause or play music from the Bluetooth settings page. A single tap will enable the user to answer a call.

Each earbud is packed with an antenna, a W1 chip, two microphones and a battery. Since each is complete with technology, the user can use one without the other. If that is the case, all audio will be automatically routed to the earbud in use, according to Digital Trends.

Dual optical sensors and accelerometers in each AirPod work with the W1 chip to detect when the gadget is put in the ear, so they only play when the user is ready to listen. Removing them from the ear automatically pauses the music and putting them back resumes what they were playing.

The additional accelerometer in each AirPod detects when the user is speaking, and enables the microphones to focus on the user’s voice, filter out external noise so the voice appears clearer. The user no longer needs to make manual adjustments.


For charging, Apple AirPods have a carrying case that can charge them on the move. To charge the earbuds and the case, the user just has to plug in a Lightning charger to the case. Operating at just one-third of the power of typical wireless chips, the Apple W1 chip delivers up to five hours of listening time on a single charge.

Apple AirPods are set to be released in late October for $159. Considering that the Cupertino colossus had revolutionized personal technology with Macintosh, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV, Apple earbuds could mark the beginning of a new industry, specifically the wireless headphone industry.



Workers compensation – Legal Advice offshore

offshore injury legal advice

Nobody said having a maritime job was easy. Mother Nature is a fickle master. Also, more often than not, workers are exposed to dangerous conditions and substances that may lead to illnesses, injuries and even serious fatalities.

Knowing Offshore Workers’ Rights

In such situations, it is important that you are aware of what your legal rights are, especially considering that most potential claims are time bound. You need to act as soon as possible in order to protect your potential claim in case you have had an accident.

Also, unlike the regular compensation to workers benefits, jobs that involve working on a vessel at sea, rivers or offshore oil rig is covered under federal admiralty laws like the ‘Jones Act’, etc.

Protections and claims of most types are covered under this act. That being said, the ‘Jones Act’ and maritime law is very complex making torts unique. So if you are injured at a maritime job, it is highly advisable that you hire a lawyer that specializes in maritime law and workers compensation to fight your case for you.

There have been cases where the offshore company and their insurers pressurize workers to steer away from legal assistance. In such instances, it has also been seen that employees do not obtain all the remedies due to him legally.

Thus, as an offshore worker, being well aware of the types of laws that protect you is essential. Only if you are well prepared can you deal with a situation, if any, from a legal perspective.

rights of offshore workers

The Laws

Laws such as Jones Act, Longshore and Harbour Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA), General Maritime Laws are specific laws having a specific purpose. The Jones Act covers claims on negligence for seamen (jobs that require you to carry out work on a vessel that is defined as cruise and cargo ships, supply vessels, crew boats that are ocean going ships), while the Longshore and Harbour Workers Compensation Act covers compensation claims for non-seamen maritime workers — boats that are brown water vessels such as tugboats, barges and inland work boats and lastly oil and gas vessels such as offshore platforms, drilling rigs and jack-up rigs.

The biggest benefit of being covered under the Jones Act is that by law the employer is required to pay for the medical expenses until you attain maximum medical improvement. There are also ‘maintenance payments’ that you are entitled to receive if you are unable to work while recovering from injuries.

Several types of damages can be claimed from employers under negligence such as mental anguish for the pain and suffering, the loss earning capacity and lost wages, disfigurement and disability and also medical and assisted living expenses.

Often company lawyers and insurance adjusters may not all have your interests protected while they work on your case. When a claim is made, these insurers would want to pay off the least possible amount and if you have to fight your case alone, there is a strong chance that you will end up being paid less than what you deserve.

Keeping this in mind it is important to have legal council that is aware of maritime laws and can protect your interest effectively.