Uses of a Projector in School and its Advantages for Students and Teachers

importance of projector in school

Ever since the beginning of time, schools have tried their best to make use of materials that serve as aids during their lessons. Audio and visual aids have always been present in class venues in order to increase students’ motivation when it comes to learning

Using a Projector

Today, visual aids have evolved from simple colored papers and charts mounted on black boards to using projectors as visual screens. Projectors have been deemed as a teacher’s best friend during lectures. Aside from the classrooms, projectors have also served conference rooms of companies as well as indoor and outdoor home theaters to pair with great amplifiers.

The quality of the projector is an important aspect to consider when making use of a projector. Fortunately, there are many projectors of great quality available in the market; you may want to check out Crenova XPE review for some ideas.

Ideas for Projector Uses

  • Presenting pictures and video
  • Presenting schedules
  • Presenting flowcharts and diagrams
  • Demonstrating math equations and formulas
  • Presenting tables, charts and graphs
  • Live webcam interviews
  • Presenting instructions for tests/activities
  • Using online textbooks
  • Presenting syllabus and other paperless handouts
  • Showing comparison
  • Presenting a passage or text piece for out-loud reading
  • Presenting class activities

projector as visual aid for teachers

Advantages of Using a Projector

  • Classes become more time-efficient.

Prior to the use of projectors in classrooms, teachers wasted a lot of time writing and erasing lessons from black or white boards. Although some professors have opted to make their visual aids ahead of time through large-canvas like papers mounted on the board, penmanship was one problem some students face as well. With the use of projectors, time spent in writing, erasing and rewriting information have truly been reduced. With that, the entire class is able to maximize their time for learning.

  • Classes become more effective.

Making use of projectors also mean  lesser interruptions during the lecture since, as previously mentioned, there are lesser efforts of erasing and rewriting information. Of course, the teachers also have to double check the information on their files before projecting it to the whole class. With that said, projectors may become a key component in the classroom in the very near future. 

  • Note-taking is made easier.

Since the projector presents the information in such a way that all people inside the classroom can clearly see; writing down notes are much easier to do as students don’t anymore have to squint their eyes to understand their professor’s penmanship. In addition, teachers may also project important words that the students have to focus on.

  • Presentations are of better quality.

Not just presentations by the teachers but also students’ presentations become much better with the use of projectors. There are a lot of creative options for the teachers and students which are only a click away.

  • Students have better learning experiences.

With the use of both projectors and internet, new learning experiences such as making use of google maps for geography lessons, video calling professionals who can explain more of the lectures, etc. can now easily be achieved. In a way, projectors also allow better interaction between teachers and students through these new learning experiences.

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